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Aside from being an active opera singer and performer, I have a in depth understanding of music teaching, music history, theory, piano as well as diverse styles of singing. I have taught privatepiano lessons, voice lessons, group classes, Spanish diction, online classes and choir classes. I am  accompany my students with the piano, whichcan be very helpful to improve pitch and learn songs, theory and solfege. I have an in depth understanding of subjects related to music and have created a curriculum that is essential for a well-rounded singing and musical education

I have more than 6 years of experience in teaching students of all ages,diversities, and varying levels of learning needs and am eager to enrich students with a singing education of the highest order. In addition, my teaching style is student-centered. Music has been, and still is a big influence in my life, and having attended music centered schools while growing up contributedto that. I hope to inspire and instill the same love and appreciation for  singing-music in my students.

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